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Still Waters Distillery

Whisky-Single Malt

Whisky-Single Malt

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Made from 100% Canadian two-row malted barley. Mashed, fermented and distilled by hand in small batches in a copper pot still, then matured in ex-bourbon barrels on site. Bottled exclusively as a single cask offering with no chill filtering and no artificial colouring added.


Cereal notes from the barley along with some oak and vanilla notes with some spiciness. Some subtle fruity sweetness (grapes, green apples).


Lots of oak and vanilla with malt grain and cereal. Also some sweet fruit and sugar but lots more spice (pepper, ginger, cinnamon) and creamy.


Longer finish with nice complexity and balance, yet soft in the mouth. Leaves a definite impression of the wood.

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